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Investment evaluation is the study and analysis of the project, to determine the cost and cost-effectiveness. This procedure is carried out in the search for new investors for insurance risk analysis is carried out as in the case of the development of an investment project. The assessment may be carried out on a number of factors, for example, estimated the cost of investment in the market, ie at market value. The project could assess the new shareholder as well as a leasing company or a bank, for example, in the case of lending. In some cases, to the valuation of investments of private enterprises resorted state, for example when the planned financial support. Often the state finances agricultural enterprises. Who carries out the analysis of the investment project? For this purpose there is a special company, in the state where there are appraisers. Some large organizations employ the staff of a professional who is constantly assessing and analyzing the financial market, following the cost and profitability of the project. All data are recorded and available to the head, which further attracts investors. There are indicators on which there is investment appraisal: - the index of profitability - shows the effectiveness of the project. To calculate it must be the real value of cash flow divided by total investments - payback period of investments - shows the minimum time after which investments will yield the desired income - IRR - shows the discount rate (rate of return), in which the value of income from Investment is the sum invested in the project funds, - net present value - shows the amount of expected revenue from the project, which is given to the initial time.
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