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Popular European resorts for beach holidays

Famous resorts offer tourists visiting it. Numerous positive comments to attract new travelers, due to which European destinations are actively developing. That is why the popular online portal TripAdvisor has allocated the most famous resorts in Europe with the help of tourism voting.

According to the survey, the best European resort became the Greek island of Mykonos. It is much more ahead of the advertised destinations. To explain it simply: Mykonos wonderful bohemian atmosphere reigns. The island is also characterized by beautiful beaches, shops of different price categories and an active nightlife. Here spend a wonderful holiday and fans of noisy parties, and fans of water sports, and supporters of quiet relaxation.

Another of Europe's most famous resort is located on the island of Cyprus. Ayia Napa insanely popular with travelers around the world. This excellent for the sea, the bright sun and delicious Greek cuisine come travelers of all ages. However, the most famous resort brings an active nightlife and democratic prices. Because of this, in Ayia Napa annually flock to the international crowd of young people.

One of the most famous European resorts is also Fuerteventura. This place is on the sparsely-island archipelago. The main visitors of the resort - a relaxing holiday lovers and windsurfers.

Famous and interesting is also the Portuguese resort town of Albufeira. The main feature of the place - not hot summer weather: all weather lasts three months on the border of + 20 ° C. However, most tourists come here not for a beach holiday. Albufeira is famous for its fine bars, discotheques and fine cuisine.

World popularity of some resorts provide their specific focus. That's what happened with the borough of Sitges, located in Spain. The picturesque town with a beautiful coastline and clear sea today is the most famous gay resort in the world.

The famous ski resorts of Europe

Ski resorts in Europe are the most famous in the world. The main place for active winter pastime are in Austria. Popular of them is Saint-Christophe, Lech and Kitzbhel. In addition to organizing skating for many vacationers are held in many elite competitions in winter sports, as well as famous athletes train.

Equally well-known winter resorts in Europe are some places in the French Alps. Megeve and Courchevel each year visit the most rich and famous skiers. In Megeve, in addition to luxury lines, there are many bars and boutiques of high fashion. Some people say that the sport here in the first place not all tourists.

Another well-known European resort is located in Switzerland, in the village of Klosters. This place is perfect for a quiet and elegant winter holiday. The nearest ski slopes are in Davos village Kublis. His fame Klosters, primarily earned through the British royal family: for a long time, this place is for members favorite winter resort.
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