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Getting contribution inherited includes three main stages: an appeal to the notary, registration of documents, transferring them to a credit institution. The first stage refers to the heir to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance with a special statement in which it expresses its intention to take his own inheritance. Said treatment should be followed within six months, which are counted from the date of opening of the inheritance (the day of the testator's death or the date of acceptance of his death by the decision of the judiciary). If other types of property (eg a house or flat) can be taken as a legacy without recourse to the notary (the actual adoption of the inheritance), the contribution of the bank can only be obtained by applying the said application, as the heir does not have access to these funds until a certain moment.

Paperwork heir

After submitting an application for acceptance of the inheritance to be expected of the certificate on the right to contribute, other property, as it is this document is the primary proof of survivorship. Such a certificate may be issued by the notary not earlier than six months from the date of opening of the inheritance. This rule exists to prevent violations of the rights of other heirs, who may also apply for the property. In addition to the certificate of inheritance require a death certificate of the testator, the heir to an identity document, an immediate confirmation of the deposit in the bank (deposit agreement, the bank card). In some cases, will have to collect and other documents which are dependent on the presence of other heirs and their amounts, the presence of a spouse, the deceased newborns have.

Contacting the credit institution

After receiving all the documents listed heir should contact the office of the bank in which the name of the deceased has an outdoor contribution. Experts credit institution shall consider the submitted documents within a few days, after which the contribution is reissued in the name of the heir. Last may, in its sole discretion to leave the money in a cashless form by signing a new contract of bank deposit in their own name, or withdraw cash in vaults of credit institutions. Additional costs in the preparation of the contribution of inherited minimized because taxes are not levied heir.
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