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What are the fog lights? Drivers are well aware of the situation when traveling in fog or heavy rain, especially at dusk or at night when the headlights can not illuminate the road effectively. This is due to the fact that when the near and distant modes headlamp is a reflection of the light beam from the tiny water droplets, creating an impression of "white veil" in front of the car, fraught moments of emergency on the road.

Such an unpleasant phenomenon occurs due to the fact that the design of the headlights of the car is made at the rate of travel in good weather, as rain or fog their effectiveness is greatly reduced. It is for these cases are designed fog lights, employees enhance comfort and safety of the trip. When the fog lamp is a uniform illumination of the carriageway and the curb in front of the car, but due to the width of the stream of bright light improved conditions at maneuvering in the courts and on winding roads at night as visibility is improved beyond the curb or the curb.

What are the fog lights? Fog lights apparently issued in the form of individual lighting fixtures with its own body. Set the fog light is usually performed on the bumper of the car or they are suspended below the bumper. At the present time due to the aerodynamic and stylistic requirements is more extensive use of fog lamps integrated type, which are performed in a single style of automotive design with the installation in the hole bumper.

The features of the fog light is largest scattering angle of the light beam in the horizontal plane, reaching a minimum of 60 degrees and the angle of dispersion, about 5 degrees in the vertical plane. The maximum power of the light beam is close to the upper border of black and white distribution. A mandatory requirement for fog lamps, is the presence of as much as possible sharp upper cut-off.

For best performance in the fog light, particular attention should be paid to the quality adjustment of the light beam. Even at small deviations from the norm, fog lamps become dangerous to oncoming drivers, blinding them with strong light, in addition, there is a significant reduction in the border visibility. Installing fog lamps must be below or at the level of the main headlights. As for the adjustment, it is carried out on a special stand is similar to adjusting the light beam dipped-beam headlamps.

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