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Care oily skin

Oily facial skin needs special care. The characteristic luster, appears on the surface as a result of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, can be masked by means of decorative cosmetics. But in this case not be able to achieve long-term effect. Matt skin should start already in the process of caring for her.

Before the imposition of makeup, you need to wash, using a special gel designed for oily skin. Next, it is necessary to wipe the face tonic or lotion.

Preference should be given a tonic, composed of absorbent microparticles. They are able to absorb excess sebum, which ultimately increases the time period during which the skin retains the haze after washing and rubbing tonic.

On sale there are also special facial tissues with adsorbents. Many cosmetic companies produce them for years and they are always in consumer demand.

Makeup for oily skin

Owners of oily skin should be more carefully select the means of decorative cosmetics. Haze can give a person using a foundation for oily skin and powder, which can give a person a uniform matte finish.

When choosing colors or powder in a store, you must carefully examine the details provided by the manufacturer on the packaging. There should be written that the powder or foundation ground dull skin. They include special microparticles can instantly absorb excess sebum. At the same time shine a person disappears and does not reappear for a sufficiently long time.

Matting agents makeup is usually a little dry face. That is why they should not use owners of dry or normal skin.

It is important to remember that failure matting can cause the skin will look dull, lifeless, devoid of healthy shine. Correct the situation will help applying to a small amount of blush cheeks with tiny glittering particles. Instead of blush can apply on some parts of the face highlighter, the highlight skin from the inside.

Owners of the combined entity type can cause matting powder only on the nose, forehead and chin. It is these different areas reinforced the sebaceous glands. Above all, you can powder face translucent powder with a subtle satin sheen.
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