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  1. Keep in mind that the adoption of inheritance involves several stages, one of which is required to supply a notary declaration of acceptance of the inheritance. No heir has no right to the inheritance, or at the time of, for example, take a legacy only money often considered his property.
  2. To get an inheritance, you need to prove their right to receive it. Even if the heir uses and owns the property owed to him by inheritance, the testator during his lifetime - to be more to prove that the death of the testator's heir retains that right. Often there is a situation when the heir can not enter into the inheritance to obtain a permit, even if in fact has inherited a thing (for example, if we are talking about weapons - before registration of the relevant documents must be handed over to the authorities of the Interior).
  3. An essential condition for acceptance of the inheritance is to appeal to the notary with the appropriate application. Not all self-employed notaries are empowered to conduct inheritance cases. To order your inheritance, you must apply to a notary at the place of opening the inheritance, it should be remembered that to issue a certificate of inheritance can only be a notary, which serves each specific street or a house (the address of residence of the heir). Also, the right to issue certificates of inheritance endowed with officials of consular institutions of the Russian Federation, so the heir can apply to them if necessary. The very same declaration must be made in writing, clearly established and confirmed unequivocally and clearly expressed will of the heir to accept the inheritance unconditionally.
  4. Engage in inheritance rights must be timely, and the heir should be recognized as capable. If for any reason the heir does not have enough time to join the right of inheritance of the property, he must apply to the relevant authorities with a request to extend the period for acceptance of the inheritance (pointing out good reasons for the extension).
  5. The man accepted the inheritance, may dispose of the property inherited from the time of opening the inheritance. When it comes to real estate, the heir must in addition carry out state registration of rights to immovable property. It does not matter what type of property he inherited - an apartment, house, land, garage or industrial enterprise, mechanism design registration remains the same.
  6. All activities on the adoption of the inheritance the heir must be committed within six months from the date of opening of the inheritance (this period is calculated in calendar days only). The date of opening of the inheritance is considered to be the day of death of the testator. Of course, if the court acknowledges the reasons for which the heir has not entered into the rights of inheritance in a timely manner, respectful, he may extend the period. If the direct heir of the inheritance has not taken on time, the second stage of the heirs have the right to declare his consent to accept the inheritance. Heirs of the second stage are the brothers and sisters of the deceased, as well as his grandfather or grandmother on either side.
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