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Cyprus is divided border into Greek and Turkish parts, the main part of the resort is popular with the Greek side. This island is as if specially designed for relaxation. There is good and young people and couples and the elderly, and families with children. The main thing - to choose the right place.

Ayia Napa.
This town, with beautiful sandy beaches can be called a paradise for young people: in the morning and in the afternoon you can sunbathe, swim and enjoy water sports, and late in the evening in the city center offers a large number of bars and clubs. Here you can also practice their English, as among vacationers a lot of English.

There is also enough bars, restaurants and nightclubs. But much more expensive hotels than in Ayia Napa. And the presence of a water park, a zoo and amusement park attracts families with children. Therefore Limassol can be called "universal" Cypriot resort. Sandy beaches and the bright sun is very fond of our compatriots, and the locals in restaurants and shops have to learn Russian.

The city has an international airport. Holidays are very economical and quiet, so they come here to relax older couples or families with children. Pebble beach, plenty of shops and taverns, and the ruins of ancient buildings in the surrounding area, a beautiful central promenade with palm trees - all this attracts tourists.

Calm resort with picturesque rocky coves, sandy beaches, which is perfect for a romantic trip or a family vacation. It often hosts wedding ceremonies themselves Cypriots and foreign couples. And for entertainment you can go to Ayia Napa, which is not far away.

Ancient small town on the western coast of Cyprus, near which just came out of the sea, Aphrodite. It is the most luxurious resort on the island, here are the most expensive hotels like to spend wealthy Cypriots. Take into account that many of the hotels are not very well suited for families with children.

Helpful information about Cyprus.
- The beaches of northern Cyprus is not so popular among Russian tourists, so you can go there if you want to relax on a trip from his native speech.
- You can combine fun with a secluded vacation, visiting several resorts.
- Travel around the island - quite expensive, the price of a taxi and car rental is higher than in most European countries.
- The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is divided border into Greek and Turkish sides, so going there, do not forget to bring your passport.
-Most Turkish is fluent in English.
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