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What car tuning

The word "tuning", translated to English, means "adjustment", "adjustment". The concept of "tuning cars" was already familiar to us, but often it is meant only external decoration. Tuned car in the Western sense - is a machine made for a specific owner, taking into account all their needs and requests. Improvement of cars there is no limit. The subject is interesting and exciting. Tuning can include fairly major changes in the design of the engine, suspension and other vehicle systems.

Tuning - is the art of giving to one of the hundreds of thousands of descending from conveyors same car his face. The art of giving a sense of individuality. Many of them, in principle, happy with the car, but want it to be something different from thousands of other cars.

Tuning can be divided into several "levels":

The most simple - exterior finish. From banal labels, moldings, toning up batches of plastic, hromirovok. No changes to the technical characteristics of cars these actions are, if not harmful, although there are exceptions.

But if you want to really increase the "ability" of your "iron horse", then the label is not enough. Here it needs serious work with all systems of the car. Speeder helpful spoilers, reinforcing clamp to the road and additional air intakes for brake cooling. All changes will be aimed at increasing the power and mobility of the vehicle.

Further there are minor technical changes. Chip-tuning, "tuned" exhaust system. All this will raise the capacity of the motor without any serious alterations of the motor.

The next level - changes affecting aggregates and components. Here it is not necessary to experiment, many jobs require scientific calculations or at least - practical experience. The most popular variant of tuning cars to the "ring" of sports. Perhaps the first thing that makes the new model vending tuning firms. On the same level are changing gearbox with modified gear ratios, the replacement gear. Such changes (of course, not counting excesses) does not require a major restructuring of the entire car. After all, machines are mainly created by the average consumer, and allow the displacement of the individual parameters in a specific corridor.

The next step - ultra-light and heavy-duty engines, transmissions with stunning features. Among the epithets "super", there are Super Price. In addition to exclusivity, it is determined and materials - durable lightweight alloys, composites, carbon fiber.

You can talk about for a long time enticing world of tuning. By and large, "Hi-End" -AUDIO inside the car - also "the dream of the owner." The main thing is that the development of specialists, sports engineers and artists designers, high technology and testing - are returning to normal motorist - the Germans, the British, Russians - in the form of proven innovations and improvements that are necessary for him and his faithful "horse." There is a specific machine configuration for a particular person, his desires and opportunities - that is - tuning.

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