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Change yourself through sport everyone can. The sooner you start, the sooner the first results. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start small - go for a morning jog, take a look at a nearby fitness club and sign up for a trial lesson. Decide exactly how the sport you want to do. When choosing, consider the state of their health, and to objectively evaluate the initial training level. Consult with a trainer, find expert opinion and boldly proceed to the first workout.
Stop to justify their own laziness. Needless to say that the sport - it is very expensive, I have no time, I can not or I'm too old for this. Inspired by an Australian farmer Cliff Young, who at 61 won a five-day marathon of 875 km, although never had nothing to do with professional sports. He just ran often to pasture the sheep, this consisted all his training. He did not know that to participate in the marathon need sponsors, and most importantly, that it is possible during sleep. Cliff Young tore a soft point of the couch, came and won, leaving behind professional athletes. He did not think, he just acted. So stop finding excuses and just start doing something.
Daily exercise can help you sculpt the body of your dreams. Guaranteed to leave excess weight will be easy muscle definition, body posture will change. The choice is huge - dancing, running, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, body building, athletics, boxing, fencing. Whatever you choose, your body will change significantly. Movement will gain ease and accuracy, you will be much fitter and leaner.
Regular exercise great help get rid of bad habits. Most professional athletes do not smoke or drink alcohol. When you learn to enjoy their personal records and victories, artificial stimulants, mood you no longer need. Take many chronic diseases, you will begin to feel more cheerful, increased efficiency and the impossible becomes real for the first time.
There is hardly anything that tempers the spirit and character of the forms faster than sports. Roy Jones once said: 'Boxing best reflects what is happening in your life when you get knocked down, you have to get up. Everything in my life somehow get knockdowns, but you have to get up and move on, to fight to the end. " Athletes are able to endure the pain and work on a 16 hours a day. They never give up, do not spare yourself and the opponent, sweep away barriers and set new records. Sport helps overcome fears, to get rid of long-term facilities, to raise the spirit of competition. Choose a worthy role model for athletes and forward to the achievements! Do not be afraid to look ridiculous, be weaker than someone lose. Met Hughes once said: "If you do not have lesions, so you derёshsya with the wrong people." The day will come when you will be stronger and Beat up someone's record. Even within the framework of his fitness club. The main thing is that you transcend yourself, become better and stronger than himself yesterday. You will feel the taste of victory over the other, and it will change you forever. After all, as the classic "Manage to overcome yourself, and you will be able to overcome everything."
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