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Speed Skating Competitions are held for a long time. The first skating club appeared in England in 1742, and the official competition in the sport began in 1763

Since 1892, it operates the International Skating Union ISU (ISU), which includes more than 60 national federations. In 1924 speed skating was included in the Winter Olympics. It first competed only men, but since 1960 have been organized and female competition.

Olympic athletes and skaters are short, ranging from 500 to 1500 meters, and long distances, the length of which varies from 3 to 10 km.

Distance runners overcome together. Thus one runs along the outer side of the circle, and another on the inner track.

Soviet and later Russian athletes have shown good results in this sport. For example, they had won 7 prize medals for the debut of the Soviet skaters competition. This happened during the VII Winter Olympic Games in 1956. Sportswoman Maria Isakov, representing the Soviet Union, received three times the world championship and Olympic Games brought with 3 awards.

Athletes use special equipment, the main elements of which are skating. The blade is fixed in the area of the big toe runners and longer stays on the ice when the skater's step. Boots, which is attached to the blade, made casts of feet of high-tech materials. Besides skates, a significant role played by the choice of costume for the contest. He must adhere to the body, but do not hamper movement. To develop new and improved fabric from which sew skating suits, aerodynamic studies carried out of different materials.

Professional equipment helps athletes to avoid some injuries. High speed, which develops skaters, and turns on the ice turns round may result in a fall and injury of a number of skate blade running athlete.

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