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What to do if you are accused of speeding-1

Currently, there are constant disputes over the cars stop for speeding on the roads with three or more lanes. Ask the inspector question: how do you determine that it is exactly what I was driving at such a speed? What did he say?

When "select" offending inspector relies on personal opinion, personal view of the speed of a vehicle, such as "personal" views are not allowed.

Each radar detector works on the same principle (directional beam is reflected from a moving vehicle. Determine the speed difference and displays the speed of the vehicle). However, the principle of choice of vehicle intruder they can be different. For example, when driving and light freight car speed radar often fix cargo, while driving two cars radar will detect the speed of a vehicle which moves faster. But how can the inspector determines the offender is, as they say, "at the discretion of the inspector." At a distance of 300 meters to catch the intruder is not easy (and approximately 100-200 meters all the cars at the sight of the DPS, slow down).

A few tips on how not to be responsible for someone else's speed.

1) Remember! Any violation in which you are accused, you do not have to prove his innocence, and the competent authorities - your fault!

2) According to Art. 49 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, if there is no irrefutable documentary evidence and not just your fault, but the fact of the commission of the offense by you, you can not automatically be brought to administrative responsibility ("ineradicable doubts are interpreted in favor of the accused" - Art. 49 of the Constitution).

3) Since the radar has not given any documentary evidence that was measured exactly your speed, and it was attributed to time, remind employees of traffic police in the case of the trial - under the Law "On appealing against the actions and decisions violating the rights and freedoms of citizens ", and on officials assigned the duty of procedural documents to prove the legality of the acts complained of. Documentary evidence of the fact that you commit an administrative offense is not and can not exist, as you ... do not violate the Rules of the road of the Russian Federation.

4) If you are accused of speeding, and with this you do not agree to the prosecution, the Protocol does not write in the "Explanation of the offender" - you are not the offender, and your guilt is proven. Write in any other place "traffic rules are not violated." Your case will be considered. Inspectors often neglected the right of appeal and issues a decision which has the count "... admits guilt, to pay a fine not refuse." Write on the spot sign "traffic rules are not violated." The Protocol will automatically be deemed null and void.

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