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Plants do not grow well and shoots quickly drevesneyut

This problem shows that tomatoes are sorely lacking nitrogen fertilizers. In this case it is necessary to conduct dressing using the calcium, sodium or ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea, ammonium chloride.

Also, the lack of nitrogen in the soil will indicate the yellow leaves and small fruits, which at this very mature rapidly.

Shoots are very thin and do not grow

These problems indicate that little phosphorus in the soil. Also talking about this small leaves, with purple tint, and the edges are bent. In this case, tomatoes must feed superphosphate (double fit, simple, granular, powder) and the phosphate or bone flour precipitate.

The dark bands in the fruit

Inside the fruit strips, the edges of old leaves if burned and eventually turn yellow and fall off - these are symptoms of potassium deficiency in the soil. In this case, correct the position of potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, sylvinite.

Some fruits amazed rot

Rot on the fruit suggests a lack of calcium. To remedy the situation, you need to make the soil crushed limestone, chalk or dolomite flour. About the lack of calcium will also tell deformed young leaves with a lot of points.

The important point

Try to fertilize the soil liquid fertilizer. Do this only after a heavy watering. Dissolve each fertilizer only as described in the instructions.

It's worth noting that each producer there are some nuances in the composition that affect the application rate. If the instruction is no indication of how to dilute the drug is likely, it is poorly soluble in water or not at all recommended for liquid fertilizing.

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