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Analysis of the investment project and consists of several stages: - pre - commercial - technical - financial - institutional - risk analysis.
At the stage of the preliminary analysis, the state sector of the economy, to which the company belongs. Developing (for example, the production of mobile phones) and mature (automotive) industry is preferable to those that are either in the initial state (nanotechnology), or age (shipbuilding). Consider the position of the company in the market: dominant or strong promotes more rapid return on project and than an unstable or weak.
Please rate the commercial feasibility of the investment proposal is whether the product in demand, which is expected to produce as part of the project as well, and whether the company to obtain sufficient profits to justify the return on investment and the investor. Analyze the market and the competitiveness of enterprises, taking into account the following factors: the quality of products, effectiveness of sales, service, delivery, price and value, location, advertising, reputation and financial stability of the company. If a potential partner wins on all counts, putting money can promise good prospects.
Technical analysis involves the assessment of technologies used by the enterprise, the local conditions and the technical capacity to implement the project as well. If the normal course of business uses standard technology, focused on domestic equipment and raw materials, the cost of implementing the project and will be lower than in the case involving imported inputs. Please rate the accessibility of communications technologies and adaptation to the conditions of the area, as well as safety and compliance with environmental standards. Find out whether the company has the necessary patents and licenses to operate.
The next step perform financial analysis of the investment project as well. It generally includes the following steps: - Analysis of the financial condition of the company for the past 3-5 years; - the analysis of the financial condition of the company to date; - determination of the amount of funding needed; - identification of sources of investment financing; - analysis of break-even production - plan forecast cash flow, profit and loss account for the period of the project and - assessment of the effectiveness of the project a.Esli company meets the criteria of financial stability, and the total cash flow cover and exceed the value of the investment, the project can be accepted.
The next stage - institutional analysis. Identify opportunities and the successful implementation of the project with the organizational, legal and administrative points of view. Please rate the experience and qualifications of the managerial staff of the enterprise, its motivation within a project, the availability of human resources and the need to attract new employees.
Next, analyze the risks, taking into account changes in the amount of capital expenditures, the prices of raw materials and components, sales and other parameters for the worse and better. Consider a project with the most pessimistic positions and on its basis to draw conclusions about the possibility of investing money.
In the event that the investment project meets all the requirements, it can be considered promising. If there are several proposals for investment, select the one that provides the best solution at every stage of analysis.
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