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Who should do aerography

Perhaps one is not surprised by the word "airbrush". Once a new line of fine art now like are known and clear to everyone. In general airbrush - a pattern applied on any surface using a special tool - the airbrush. Airbrush - it is fashionable, prestigious and simply beautiful. However, despite the fact that the existence of airbrushing is known to everyone, there are still many issues that need clarification.

Very often on emerging artists and fans can be heard on the question: how to make the most airbrushing. The electronic and print media, you can find a lot of advice on this matter. However, paradoxically, give these tips are not artists aerografisty with experience in this activity, and journalists or copywriters who spawn an airbrush in the hands of not hold.

In order not to waste time, let's look at a few questions, straight answers to which will allow you to decide: to paint or not to paint.

Can you paint? Do not airbrushed, and in general whether you are able to hold a pencil in your hand? Airbrush - it is just a tool in the hands of a master, such as a pencil or a brush. This painter or a graph easy to learn a new tool, which will only widen its creative possibilities. But if you spend your hard-straight line felt-tip pen on paper, it is not necessary to rush bare heel on the tank - first practice on cheaper materials.

What you want to do airbrushing? If you want to refine the old bag or cell phone, the airbrushing can be done at home, does not require a special room. One need only consider that the purchase of a basic set of equipment will cost at least ten thousand, so just ask yourself whether you need a bag for eleven? The artist's work in this case is unlikely to cost more than three thousand.

If you had the idea to paint a car or motorbike, then, firstly, a separate room, preferably with a spray booth, which is not very cheap. Second, the work must be carried out by special automotive paints, treatment which also requires certain skills and knowledge. So, in this case it is better to call in a professional studio.

Do you have equipment for airbrushing? In general, it has been mentioned above. Yet I remember that the equipment is not cheap airbrushing and buy it for painting one phone - just wasteful. In addition to the equipment you'll need supplies, too, by the way, is not cheap - the average price of airbrush paint is about 120 rubles per 30 ml.

In general, as it turns out, airbrush, except that it is beautiful and fashionable, it is also quite expensive, troublesome task requiring, among other things drawing skills and experience with a variety of art materials.

Doing airbrush simple as hand-made should not be - disappointed by what he saw and disproportionate results for the money spent will be too large. It is best in this case to appeal to an artist who not only will correct an original composition, but also qualitatively inflict it on the desired surface.

But if you already know how to draw and decided to make airbrushing your main occupation, want to do it at the professional level, go for it. Even people who know how to draw, this tool at the beginning is difficult, but with practice, you will realize that you can airbrush paint like a brush, pencil, watercolor or simulate an oil painting. Airbrush only extend your creativity and maybe become your favorite tool.

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