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You will need
  • - Business project;
  • - Analysis skills and management.
Applying the method of conditional release. It is best used when you want to bring physical analogy of the project, separate from the company and are regarded as independent. For this project make a conditional part of the enterprise and represent it as a single legal entity having its own assets and liabilities, costs and revenues. With this method you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your business and its financial prospects.
Take advantage of the method of analysis of the changes. Analyze where you can only change or increments, which are included in the data management company. The method will be particularly useful if the essence of your project is the modernization of the current production or its extension. And as a goal can be considered as revenue (from the increase in the volume or quality of products) and reduce transaction costs. As the main task here give the analogy with investment growth of net income, which are required for its expansion.
Think about the need for a method of association. It consists in analyzing the current financial condition of the company, carrying out a project, and it does not affect its effectiveness. Particularly useful application of the method will be, when you need to draw an analogy with the scale of the project the scale of the planned production. Through this method, you can quickly create a financial plan of the company, which conducts financial activities.
Use tested in practice by imposing. In order to assess the project first consider your business separately (conditional highlighting its main components), analyze how successful are its economic efficiency, then create a financial plan for your company without its projects, and is on its way to the financial statements by analogy to the results achieved in the course of current activities of the company and its projects.
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