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Profession football manager was born in the distant past, when football became a mass sport. Then came the professional football teams, as well as the need to release players to communicate with clubs and associations, for them to decide technical issues. Due to this the players focused exclusively on training and preparing for matches.
Over time, managers began to take a decision on the participation of the team in various competitions, the search for sponsors, the purchase of equipment of a producer of advertising contracts for public appearances and interviews in newspapers and on television. There was a division of labor: the trainers train athletes preparing for the match, and all other issues are decided by the manager.
In XX century, managers become coaches and athletes, ended his football career. They, more than anyone else knew the whole inside of the football and can solve problems in the interests of the players. In the USSR the role of managers is often assumed the former curator of the central club "CSKA" and "Spartacus" has accumulated rich personal experience in the business. They are often combined with the coaching of the organization, although their job descriptions do not provide.
In 80 years, to be a successful manager in the world of sports football, began to require serious professional knowledge, so professionals have started to prepare for serious education. Position football manager was the theory and practice of the football organization with market conditions.
Currently, professional and amateur football and some come to the level where even sverhuspeshnyh team can not come to victory alone. On the winning team runs a lot of people, and their work often goes unnoticed. That such people are the managers they supervise all the staff, leading the team to victory.
Typically, managers within the organization are divided into top managers and executive managers. Top managers - are heads of Olympic committees, sports centers director, president of the football teams, leagues and federations. Executives - are heads of departments, divisions, departments. Below them is a different staff - trainers, psychologists, medical workers.
The main functions of managers in today's football teams - the Olympic Movement leadership at all levels, management of sports activities at all levels, management of football business projects, commercial tournament, mass competitions, football festival. Also, managers represent the interests of the athletes in the preparation and signing of various types of contracts: professional, sponsorship and advertising.
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