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How to buy a car with the hands and not to pierce the Release 2

Part 2: External examination. Ceases to be the victims of a brazen swindle.

In the last issue, you learned what to look for when studying the documents. Today we begin a conversation about how to evaluate the technical condition of the car.

The first thing to remember - the car inspection should be carried out only during daylight hours, it must be clean inside and out. It was under the layers of dust and dirt often hide very significant defects, differences of colors of body parts, traces of oil leaks from the engine, and so on. Also pay special attention to the different kinds of stickers, drawings (including a full airbrushing), lettering and stripes, they often hide under a rust, chips, scratches, repair and other deformation.

As has become clear from the paragraphs above, it is necessary to compare the texture and shades of paint on different parts of the body - it's not only the doors, hood, fenders, trunk and roof, but also the engine compartment, and all available seats for rubber gaskets listed items (many of They turn away easily with your fingers). There, under the seals, note the presence or absence of rust. In addition, on any rubber and plastic parts of the car (including the engine compartment) there should be no trace of paint. If the car is completely repainted, or parts of it are likely to say about his past, emergency or the appearance of strong rust, which reduces the remaining life of the vehicle. If doubts remain, use uncomplicated device for determining the thickness of the coating of the car (the presence of fillings) - Wrap in a cloth a magnet so that he could hardly stand on the surface of the vehicle (for testing the use known to you vehicle with a trouble-free story, or the surface of a conventional household refrigerator) and check them all the body parts of the test vehicles.

Rate visually clearances between the parts of the body, they should be symmetrical and have the same width throughout its length. In addition, the behavior of the body can produce audible differences when closing various doors. The car body with normal doors must be closed with the same sound and effort.

The last thing that should be viewed from the outside of the car - the wheel. It is necessary to ensure that no traces of blows on the disks and uniform tire wear. Steel wheels easy to give the original form in many shops with the sign "tire" alloy wheels also do not straighten from hard blows they can burst and cause a serious accident. Look through the existing hole brake discs, but better - spend them with your fingers. Be careful! The brake discs heat up during braking and can be very hot. If the owner of the car promptly changed the brake pads, the brake discs will be shiny and perfectly smooth. They should not have undulations and other irregularities.

Check shock absorbers: Push each corner of the car, doing your weight, the machine should not rock the second time, just as there should be no knock.

Part 3: Open the hood. Reveals the secrets of the overheated engine.

When you open the hood immediately check for the odor of gasoline units. On the seals and other rubber and plastic parts, we have already mentioned - we repeat that all this is true for the engine compartment. Also note the presence of folds and knocked the paint on the surface of the spar, such traces remain after the restoration of crumpled metal. For further inspection engine compartment, it is desirable to use a flashlight.

Make sure there are no cracks in the wires and rubber products. Examine the inner surface of the belt. Cracks says old age and unreliability of products. Sometimes old age wires or coating them with a year of release hide emery cloth, it will tell you the availability of longitudinal scratches.

Availability in abnormal engine nuts and bolts, or flattened faces on them, says the autopsy engine domestic craftsmen. The acquisition of a car with this engine is similar to buying a lottery ticket. Lottery is the engine with oil streaks, especially when it comes to streaks in the lower part, which can suddenly turn into a strong flow. If the engine is fully functional, was not overheated, it's parts are not worn, and the pressure is normal, no, even subtle, buttered spots should not be. Incidentally, the engine overheats and may indicate a black paste coating on the oil filler cap, it also may indicate violations in the engine lubrication. Inside the neck of all the visible mechanisms should have a golden color.

About overheated engine can be judged by a barely noticeable traces of rust near the filler neck of the radiator or the expansion tank. Making sure that the engine has cooled, carefully unscrew the radiator cap. Attention! Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot - the contents of the radiator may be splashed under pressure and could burn you. Oil spots and stains on the surface of the coolant indicate any malfunction of the engine, or it's recent renovation in the national workshop. Timely replaced the antifreeze must be transparent.

Remove the probes levels of oil engine and transmission, ensure appropriate levels (lower limit - for a cold engine, the top - hot), transparency to light oils, in the absence of any impurities, inclusions, bubbles and a burning smell. Check the oil level in the tank of the hydraulic booster.

If everything is OK, you can proceed to the next step. This - in the next issue.

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