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Toning and cleansing

Cleanses the skin in the warm season it is necessary not only in the morning and before going to sleep, but every time after you came back from the street. Remember that soap and alkali increase sweating, so it's best to use foam or mousse, if you have oily skin, or cosmetic milk, if the skin is prone to dryness. After washing a good idea to wipe the face decoction of chamomile.


Nutritional agents for skin summer should have a light texture and applied only at night. Preference is better to give such creams, which include natural, vegetable and animal fats, oils and vitamins. Apply the cream on the face must be no later than 30 minutes before bedtime.


Facial summer   it is impossible to imagine without a proper skin hydration. If skin is oily, for this purpose the best fit gel - it does not clog pores. For other types of skin can be used a light emulsion.

Less preferably, use a cream, but if you stopped the choice on it, make sure that it has a light melting texture, a good moisturizer and is ideal for your skin type.

Do not rush to apply the cream immediately after washing procedures. Moisten face thermal or mineral water, wait until the skin is dry, and only use the cream.

Sun protection

Use cosmetics containing UV filters. But the acid, including fruit - the wrong component for summer makeup - they increase skin sensitivity to UV light. Facial Treatments   summer will be more effective if you have selected in the cosmetics will include vitamins A, B, C and E.

Skin Care century

Be sure to use special funds for the skin around the eyes: this area face the most exposed to dry and in need of special care. In summer, use products that contain aloe juice - it helps to relieve swelling of the eyelids and provides gentle care.

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