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Contents can be inherited through either the notary or in court. For the latest version has to resort when the notary refuses to issue a certificate of inheritance due to some reasons.
Through inheritance issued a notary as follows: 6 months from the death of the testator necessarily apply for membership in the inheritance. The statement, a model of which is available at the notary, the necessary documents are attached. After 6 months, again refer to the notary to finalize all the documents and obtain a certificate of inheritance, which is bound to be registered in the Office of the Federal Registration Service, if the property included in the inheritance.
If the testator's place of residence is unknown or the property is located in a few places, the inheritance is opened, where is a valuable piece of property. If the heir lives far away and can not come in person to submit an application, it can send it by mail or pass through another person. In that case, his signature must be notarized.
If the heir is actually entered into an inheritance, but did not draw it for six months, then have to go to court. Preparing the statement of claim and sued. As a result of the ship's solution is equal to the notarial certificate, so it must also be registered with the FRS. Registration of property rights through the courts lasts longer than a notary (under 6 months).
In order to apply to a notary or to the court, other than the request, you must prepare the following documents: - an original and a copy of the death certificate of the testator - Passport (original and copy) - proof of residence of the testator or an extract from the house register - certificate marriage to the spouse of the testator (original and copy) - a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a document about changing the names of children and parents of the testator (original and copy). As well as all documents relating to ownership of the apartment, house, land, car or securities.
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