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Why do you need a car to carry a camera

On the road, anything can happen. Not you - so you will drive. And there will be a car accident. And not necessarily with grave consequences. Now even out of simple dents have to call the traffic police.

They come in some time and displeasure are asked to complete forms with a description of the accident. Themselves at this time draw a layout of the car, make the necessary measurements of the distances between cars, and lines marking the edges of roads. Then give a sign that the scheme.

Often later in the analysis of accidents in the SAI it appears that this scheme for various reasons, does not look like it was in reality. It turns out that he is not, and you're pulled into his lane or something else. And do not prove - you signed the scheme!

For more than twenty years, I drive a car a simple camera. Good machine, which usually you use, you will not carry all the time in the car. Yes, and you can sometimes forget to put it back again. Therefore, the machine I bought a cheap camera and always keep it there. It is only necessary about once a year to change the film in the more recent, and the batteries if they are in the camera. The film should be high sensitivity, if an accident happens at night - the flash is not convenient.

What to do in an emergency? The main thing - do not worry (everything has already happened) and sort things out. They say: "Will arrive GAI - will understand." And while traveling - a camera to photograph the vehicle's position relative to each other and line markings, some notable points on the side of the road or sidewalk. It is useful at close range to fix damaged cars. It is important at the outset to photograph the surrounding cars and people - then you may need witnesses, and they are already gone. I have such photos several times helped with the proceedings in the SAI. And the inspector, when he sees a camera, more difficult to falsify data and then decide on the request of the other party. So it works and psychologically.

I recently replaced the old machine in the film cameras to digital. Great, I have a good long time, and in the car to change still could not come. There seems to be suitable, the cheapest digital cameras - very high quality images are required. But the cheapest machines - a little sensitivity. Normally, the maximum - 400 ISO. It is not enough for night filming. We need at least 800 thousand for 4 rubles, you can find a device with a maximum sensitivity of 1600 ISO. This should already be sufficient, unless the accident has not occurred in complete darkness on a country road.

I also liked the camera Pentax Optio T30 - thin and light, which uses the 7-megapixel and 3-inch monitor with a clarity of 230,000 pixels, bright even in sunlight. And its maximum sensitivity - as much as 3200 ISO. It costs about 7 thousand, but I beguile the touch screen on which you can manually make a signature to take the picture. And then ask the inspectors to sign on the frame. I hope that he will not send me to hell. Now you just have to remember sometimes recharge the camera battery. It is necessary to look at the sale of a car charger.

I wish all the accident-free driving. The camera will help to not get in an accident, I did not help to get stuck on a bad road lying in the trunk grouser winches for what I wrote. ]

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