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WHA Largus Why vazovskoy new car called the Generous

Vazovskoy Lada in the minds of most of our Russian compatriots and a car is not. "Look at Ladakh still go, although they are almost like a normal car," - wrote on Internet forums.

And here and there! There are already vazovskoy very worthy machine. Largus Lada (Lada Largus), for example.

For the first time I met with this machine in the fall of 2012. It was the end of October, however, turned out to be so wonderful evening and the sun that wanted to relax in nature. Traffic congestion is almost resolved, and we went with my friend Seryoga on his dzhipake somewhere outside the city.

In a narrow alley to the right of us was a car with a charming blonde behind the wheel. The car could not be seen, only the hood and front windows. Seryoga politely stopped his "barn on wheels", blinked the headlights, "Go through, Miss." And then out of the alley slowly beginning to crawl out something huge and strange shapes. Then, attach the tail, Seryoga surprise exclaimed: "Well yes it VAZ, look!" - And read aloud the inscription "Largus." Incidentally, such a beautiful golden yellow color and then on VAZ cars I saw. At all. Special order, I guess.

I was interested in this machine for a long time. In absentia. And correspondence I really like it. Great. Universal. At least seven large vozi though load oversized for cars.

Made on a platform of B0, the same as the latest renovsky "Jeep» Renault Duster, sedan Renault Logan, wagon Renault Logan MCV (for the European market - Dacia Logan MCV).

Very attractive price for such a large car - from 319 thousand rubles. In reality, the machine is going to (in December 2012), only in the most expensive complete set - "luxury", and the price of this modification from 420 thousand. In the most complete package price is close to 600 thousand, which is not quite "Sehr Gut".

While Lada Largus collected from imported components, thus the reliability of parts should be on top. "Slants" is also known, as Renault Logan MCV, a clone of which was Largus, has produced a relatively long time. Pleased with the fact that this car, like when a Fiat 124 (prototype VAZ-2101, popularly called the "penny"), adapted to Russian conditions, significant efforts, for example, the front suspension arms. Pits have, you know ... Everywhere ...

Well, and another for the harsh conditions in the Russian base model Logan MCV added interior heating system, cleaning the rear window and the duct system for the second and third row of seats. And given the "purity" of our roads, front window washer tank has been increased from three to five liters, and the bearings in the hubs of the wheels are protected from dirt by special screens. Stone Chip Protection Coating and strengthened. And what to build and renovskih nissanovskih models built on the territory of AvtoVAZ almost new plant, which is collected and is now Largus, too, is good news ...

And - yes - this is the first seven-seater, available in standard Russian.

So I sat in the car. Not behind the wheel, the passenger. Call a taxi, came the "it". And casually asked drove like feel of the machine. "Well, what can I say ... Kosyachkov much, but small. Paint uneven gum fly off. But at the same time ... the seats are comfortable. His car is worth the money. Ride all day, does not get tired, is not something that Logan and Nexia, which went before. Even in the bitter cold in the car warm. The trunk offers convenient, you can open one half. And you can download anything. Washing machines, televisions greatest ... You could make a higher ground clearance, it is winter, with the snow-capped hills on the road belly touches. 16-valve motor empty car pulls confident, but a lot has not yet shipped, travel generally with one or two passengers. "

"Largus" in Latin, by the way, means "generous." On the volume of the interior space, this characteristic is suitable for one hundred percent! The machine inside seems simply huge! And unusual. For example, in a passenger car has more podpotolochnye shelf for small things on the second row of seats? A huge number of drawers and pockets. The rear seats fold down to form a huge size of the trunk. Manufacturer states options, you can add a huge amount of almost "empty" car without power steering, airbags and the FAA to "Stuff" no worse than average "Japanese" ... And, no, guys! An automatic transmission is not provided, in principle, only vazovskoy five-speed.

And yet, "budget" makes itself felt. Outside the machine even more or less, but inside ... Everything here somehow ... I do not know how to say ... imbued with the spirit of brutal economy. Utilitarian all about some "flavor" designers apparently never thought of. And no acoustic protection: I hear the sounds of the motor running, and all the "outboard" noise.

Well, finally. In spite of everything, "generous VAZ" already gone "to the people". Especially many in our city appeared Largus taxi, the car is universal.

And yet it is the official message. "In the new Lada queue stretched for 6 months. Despite the fact that the official sales of the new station wagon Lada Largus started in July this year, "AvtoVAZ" still can not start production of this model, to the extent necessary "(from the news RBC 06.12.2012).

Oh, and the personal. I am now "horseless". Of course, convenient to rent a car, the car is worth at the right time in front of the entrance, washed, dressed, perfumed with a polite chauffeur. Yet it is expensive, and it would be desirable to steer ... And vazovskoy Largus - one of the first contenders for the purchase of an ambulance.

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