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How to fertilize trees

Fruit trees in the garden you need to fertilize. Then in the spring they will delight you with its bright blooms, and closer to the fall, you collect a bountiful harvest. Before planting seedlings soil fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers. Next nutrient management do a couple of years, it all depends on soil fertility.

You will need

- shovel
- Fertilizers
- Organic fertilizers

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Mortgage fertilizer under the trees in several ways.

Fertilization circumferentially.
Spread p / e film on a flat surface. Dig a groove around the tree. Its depth should be at least 35 cm, and the width of at least half a meter. Excavated earth put on film. Mix it with a mineral or organic fertilizers. Enrich the soil and fill up the groove completely level


Pothole fertilization.
Make 7 - 10 holes a short distance from the trunk of fruit trees. When you put a shovel digging beam to the trunk, so as not to cut the roots. The depth of the holes - not less than 50 cm. Fill the deepening fertilizer and fill the earth.


Trees fed nitrogen fertilizer during the development of young leaves and shoots. With a lack of nitrogen the leaves become yellowish or reddish color, may soon fall in. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied in the spring.


Meets the needs of trees in potassium. When potassium deficiency fruits will be of poor quality. Under the trees make fertilizer with potassium or wood ash. Zola fertilize at any time of the year.


In the fall trees make feeding phosphorus fertilizers. Phosphorus affect the flavor quality of fruits and their subsequent preservation. Most phosphorus is required trees in early spring and early autumn. Bury phosphate fertilizers deeper.


Organic fertilizers (manure, humus, slurry) make a tree in autumn. Manure or humus should be rotted. You can not fertilize the trees with fresh manure. Fertilizing with liquid manure is carried out after copious irrigation or rain. Make sure the fertilizer does not fall on the leaves and twigs.


Planted near trees vetch and oats. The ground around the trees should not be "naked." When the green mass of bloom, mow it and chop. Lay in the near-wellbore region trees, sprinkle with the ground and water.

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