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The new literary and artistic movement got its name from the English author Laurence Sterne - author of the novel "A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy".
However, first of all sentimentality manifested itself in poetry. James Thomson's poem "The Seasons" awakened in the hearts of readers' love of nature, showing discreet beauty of rural landscape. To the senses it has been turned, and the so-called graveyard poetry, one of the best examples of which was Thomas Gray's elegy "Rural Cemetery".
Yet the most famous examples of sentimentalism were created in the genre of the novel. English, and after them - and Russian ladies wept over the fate of the heroes of the novels of Samuel Richardson's "Pamela", "Clarissa Harlow," "Sir Charles Grandison." The novelist was completely indifferent to the beauty of nature, his works are devoted to the study of human psychology.
Home French sentimentalism put Pierre Marivaux novel "Life of Marianne," which told the story of a poor but beautiful and noble orphans, whose origin remained a mystery for the reader.
The famous novel by the Abbe Prevost "Manon Lescaut" opened a new area for the reader senses - a violent passion, which causes the hero to disaster. Unusual and heroine of the novel. Instead of an innocent young girl appeared before the reader thirsty luxury courtesan.
The pinnacle of French sentimentalism was the novel by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "Julie or the New Heloise" - a story of unfulfilled love, culminating in early death of the heroine.
A classic example of German sentimentalism - the novel Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "The Sorrows of Young Werther." This is a story of unrequited love suicide lover boy in the final.
The founder of Russian sentimentalism was the writer and historian Nikolay Karamzin. Best known among his works received a "Poor Liza" - written under the strong influence of Goethe's Werther sad love story of a peasant girl to betray her young nobleman.
Sentimentalism reflected in Russian painting. Particularly strong influence it has had on the work of Vladimir Borovikovsky, who loved to depict dreamy young girls on the background of the English landscape parks. A classic example of a sentimental portrait painter was "Portrait of MI Lopukhina. " I do not avoid sentimentality and romantic passions Orest Kiprensky, embodied in one of his best works, the image of poor Lisa.
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