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For the upcoming London Olympics prepared almost a decade. During this time, it built a large number of sports facilities, resulting in a variety of places view of the competition has grown considerably.

London Olympic objects are divided into three zones, each of which is too far from the others. Each sector has different sports, take a tour to the Olympics was in the area that interests you most.

The first zone - Olympic. Here is the main Olympic stadium, which will take place and the opening and closing of the games, but other than that - athletics.

Also in the area is the Olympic Aquatic Centre. There will be competitions in basketball, field hockey and handball. You can also watch the fascinating bicycle race. In the Olympic Village built a special area, where a large selection of hotels and catering.

The second zone - river. Here you can watch the fights boxers and fencers. In addition, in the river area of competition presented by all kinds of Olympic shooting, gymnastics, equestrian sports and weightlifting.

The third and final area - central. It hosts competitions in such sports as soccer, tennis, volleyball and triathlon. But not all the football matches will be held in London, qualifying rounds will take place in several different cities in the UK. Some of the other sports will also be held below London, for example, rowing will be held at Dorney Lake.

Do not be indignant, if the representatives of the British police for no reason will check your stuff or your inspection. The organization of the Olympic Games was accompanied by threats of terrorist attacks, so your resistance can be considered incorrect. But you're feeling vigilant protection, you can be sure that your vacation will be safe.

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