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You will need
  • - free place;
  • - A large mirror;
  • - Mats for fitness;
  • - Dumbbells of different weights;
  • - Bodibar.
Before training, determine in what room you will be convenient to deal with. Classrooms should be well ventilated, it should be enough light. The room does not have to be big - space should be sufficient to fully roll out the fitness mat up to 2 m. If you are new to the sport, you can not do without a large mirror. It is better if the full-length mirror: so you will be able to fully control the correct exercise and save yourself from injury.
Purchase or borrow from friends sports equipment. At a minimum, you'll need a mat for fitness and small dumbbells. If possible, get bodibar - rubberized small bar, which is very convenient for use at home. Bodibar are different weight - from 2 to 7 kg. You can choose bodibar medium weight and if necessary, add to it additional weight in the form utyazheliteley- "pancakes." Sporting goods stores also offer a large selection of dumbbells. Ideal for home - made dumbbells, they take up little space, and you can always change the weight, without buying a new pair.
Make a schedule of your home workouts. The key to success lies in regular classes, so you definitely need to take training for certain days and hours. For example, the optimal schedule - training three times a week for half an hour. You can practice and shorter workout, for example, for an hour, but at the same time increasing the number of classes per week. Decide which days you can dedicate the necessary time to practice and make your daily workout. This will help you tune in to advance the work on her figure, and you will be less tempted to "walk" exercise.
Choose an exercise program that best meets your objectives. If you want to lose weight and tighten the muscles, you will approach a set of strength exercises, which must be performed at a rapid pace with the minimum break between sets. If your goal - to maintain the form, you can select any set of exercises for all muscle groups.
Keep a training diary. It may be an ordinary notebook where you record the days and the lessons, exercises for each workout, the number of repetitions and exercises. Training diary will help you track your progress and adjust the program as needed.
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