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In general, the macroeconomic balance is a balance of all the main components of the economy. In this state, nor in some economic agents do not have the motivation to change the status quo. This means that between the resources and their use, supply and demand, consumption and production, financial and material flow is achieved real absolute proportionality.

In a market economy this concept is seen as a balance between the production of goods and services and real demand for them. That is, the product is made as much as it prepared to buy.

There are partial and general equilibrium. Partial equilibrium proportionality is achieved on specific sectoral markets that are included in the national economy. General equilibrium implies that the related balance are all the national markets. Upon reaching the overall macroeconomic equilibrium, needs the subjects are fully satisfied.

Also, macroeconomic balance can be real and the ideal (theoretically desired), stable and unstable, short-term and long-term.
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