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Dimensions of children's clothing

Most manufacturers of children's clothing in sizes as they write height and age of the child, to whom these things are designed. This is taken as a basis the average statistics, and the baby meant a normal build.

The average growth of the newborn is 50-54 cm, which corresponds to the 56-th size. For 3 months a child is pulled to 4-6 cm, and it has required 62 minutes clothing size. Closer to six months children reach growth of 68 cm, so the sixth month of life it is necessary to choose the 68th resolution. Further scale is as follows: 9 months accounts for the 74th size, 12 months - 80th, 18 months - 86th.

For two years the average child grows up to 92-gauge, three - to 98 th. Age 4 years corresponds to 104 clothing size, age 5 - 110th, 6 years - 116 th, 7 years - 122nd. The algorithm is very simple definition: a year added about 6 cm in height.

International clothing sizes for children during the first two years of life as measured by the amount of growth or aging. Starting from 2 years old, the dimensional scale is as follows: 2, the designated size 2T, 3 years - 3T, 4 years - 4T. For older children use the letter: the age of 5 years and the growth of 110 cm corresponds to the size XXS, 6 years old and 116 cm - XS, 7 years old and 122 cm - S, 8 and 9 years with the growth of 128-134 cm - M, 10 years 140 cm in height - L.

If you can not decide which of the two sizes to choose, take the bigger thing. It is better, if the clothing will be a bit high, than back to back, or worse, it is small.

Dimensions of children's shoes

Dimensions of the Russian footwear for children are determined by the length of the foot in millimeters. It is best to measure at the end of the day as feet can swell at this time. It happens that one foot is slightly different from the other. In this case it is necessary to focus on the larger figure.

The smallest of the 17th shoe size corresponds to the foot length of 10.5 cm, 18 th - 11 cm, 19th - 11.5 cm, 19.5 cm equals 12, 20th - 12.5 cm. Then, for each added size of 0.5 cm length of the foot.

Dimensions foreign footwear are calculated based on the length of the insole, and it is measured in Stich. One Stich equals 2/3 of a centimeter. To determine which is the size you need, multiply the length of the child's foot by 3 and divide by 2. The resulting value will be the number of the appropriate size.

In most cases, a child aged 6-9 months fits shoes size 17, from 9 to 12 months - 18 size, with a year and a half - 19 th.
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