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The strength and durability of materials to atmospheric fluctuations should be the main criteria when planning device arches in your garden. No less important parameters of the arch configuration and coloring - they have to please the eye all year round, even in the absence of green vegetation. Picturesque and clear tone could not be better suited for the winter and spring period.
Considered the most durable metal arches. But the wooden structure is quite popular. For their construction is mainly used softwood processed by means of special protection against moisture and insects.
Once installed arches, decorated with their one and perennial plants, creating a unique flower, the basis for which can serve different types of climbing vines. Originally looks combination of clematis and roses, honeysuckle and hops, grapes and wisteria.
No less aesthetic, but more practical component of decoration for large areas can be considered an alley. It can be bound to arrange metal or wooden cross members standing near several arches. Alley create a shadow on the paths of the garden, and in the case of registration for its grape seedlings will be able to please the owners of a good crop of berries.
The framework for the alley and it is easy to build from scrap materials, sufficient to establish the wood or metal studs up to 2 meters in height. On top of their associated temples, which stretches durable nylon twine or wire.
Plant for the framework is desirable vigorous grape varieties: "Black winter hardy," "Early Purple", "Muscat brown", "Moscow sustainable", "currants", "Rapture". This green alley becomes a pretty path to the gazebo or home.
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