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Varieties of cooker hoods

Hoods are recessed dome and flat. Built or flat hood is perfect for a small kitchen, especially if it has a low ceiling. Dome more suitable for large kitchens, as it is more efficient and can quickly clean the room from the vapor, soot and other contaminants in the air.

Also in the fume hoods are divided, combined and recirculation. Regardless of which model you choose, the air duct and accessories purchase at once, especially if you plan to mount the hood with his hands.

Installing the kitchen hood

Mounting the hood in the kitchen provides for the mandatory installation of a separate grounding outlet. If the repairs in the kitchen has already been made, and to hide the wiring in the wall is not possible, you can mask the electrical wires in a plastic box.

Terms of installation of kitchen hoods provide allowable distance between it and a gas stove in the 65-80 cm. The height of the kitchen hood installation for electric cookers should be 45-70 cm.

Use the spirit level necessary to make a layout for the wall plugs and fix the supports using bolts. Installing the kitchen hood dome is made on the secured support.

Hoods, having the bar for corner mounting are inserted into the hanging furniture (cabinet), making a hole in the cabinet to display the desired diameter of the duct.

Flat or hood is mounted to the bottom of outboard furniture or to a wall. On the back surface of the top shell and a drawing usually have two output ports. What is not used in the work, you must close the lid provided.

Connecting extraction can be done in two ways: to an existing ventilation system or to arrange an individual air outlet on the street.

Typically, multi-dwelling buildings the ventilation system is designed to pass about 140 m3 of air per hour. A kitchen hood on average throws away 250 m3 of air per hour (usually the data contains instructions for installing the kitchen hood), this difference can lead to the formation of air pockets and blocking the ventilation system, so that the second connection option is still preferable.

Pipes for exhaust air is better to choose plastic as their smooth surface is not so much settles dirt on the surface of corrugated pipe, corrugated besides drawing at work creating noise from vibration. To mount the hood with plastic duct need to have on hand L-shaped adapter, specifically designed for the ventilation duct.

Route the tube, with the outer side of the building you need to install the protective grille and carefully handle all the sealant joints. It is important that the outlet vent had a larger diameter than the outlet of the cooker hood, otherwise it will be difficult to avoid undue stress on the machine and the rapid exit of the extraction system.

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