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Choosing makeup remover

Women who daily apply makeup on your face, you need to carefully select and means for removing makeup. It should be of high quality and easy to use.

When choosing make-up remover should pay attention to the manufacturer's name and product quality. Products issued by well-known cosmetic companies, as a rule, not only perfectly dissolve makeup, but also care for the skin. As part of the means should not be harmful components such as parabens, silicones, synthetic perfumes.

Preference should be given a hypoallergenic cosmetic products, which are perfectly cleanse the skin, but do not irritate her, do not cause allergies.

Large cosmetic companies tend to produce a whole series of tools designed to make-up remover. Every woman can choose the most appropriate means. Products demakizha may be issued in the form of foam, gel, lotion, cream and even. For oily skin gel is suitable for removing makeup, and holders of dry skin may opt for a creamy or oily product.

Products that contain in their composition of oil and oily texture with perfectly dissolve waterproof makeup. When buying tools is very important to consider and what kind of makeup with it need to be removed daily. To dissolve the complex make-up will need more powerful tools. If a woman uses a light powder, it can opt for a light foaming demakizha.

Modern cosmetic companies also produce two-phase makeup remover. They consist of an aqueous phase and a fat. Before using this product should shake the bottle and then wiped his face. Two-phase lotion to remove makeup perfectly removes stubborn makeup.

Removal of eye make-up and the rules for the use of make-up remover

To remove eye make-up is necessary to use special tools. They are produced in the form of lotions, water and oil-based. Two-phase means an excellent job of removing waterproof mascara.

Some manufacturers claim that their products are designed to remove makeup at the same time the face and eyes. Such tools are easy to use and essential travel. But for everyday use it is better to buy a separate make-up remover lotion for eyes and foam, gel or lotion to remove makeup from the face.

To remove makeup to be very careful. To do so, moisten a cotton swab in the lotion and gently rub their eyes or face. This in no case can not stretch the skin. Cream, gel or foam can be applied directly massaged on the face, and then will need to rinse with water at room temperature means and apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.
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