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Every second Sunday of July is celebrated the Day of Russian Post. Its history goes back more than a thousand years, since the days of Kievan Rus. Russian mail - one of the oldest in Europe. But at the same time, the Day of Russian Post - this is one of the youngest professional holiday in Russia. He became a celebrated since 1994, when it was established by presidential decree of Boris Yeltsin This was done out of gratitude for the role played in the development of the post of the Russian state.

Appeared in early July unusual envelopes, special cancellation of the first day, flying parachute-mail messages holidays, and other events were harbingers of the coming of the Day of Russian Post. Substantive preparations for the celebration began July 8. On the eve of that day were philatelic exhibition draws subscriptions, post Games and the release of various holiday stamps.

This year, the festival was celebrated in a big and bright. Occasion was timed series of events organized by the Russian postal service. Across the country, flash mobs were designed for something to get the attention of ordinary citizens to the activities of mail and its services. At the regional level, a competition of drawing stamps.

During the official celebrations were held holiday concerts and a variety of rewarding distinguished Russian postal workers. It was organized by a number of local and regional events. For example, in Krasnodar more than a hundred people released into the sky by balloons envelopes, within the "Write code correctly." The intention of the event was to remind of the importance of the right to register the address in the mail.

Also, a flash mob held Krasnoyarsk postal employees. They lined up and began to read the newspaper "Mail News". The aim of the action was to remind citizens of the completion of the subscription of the company. The event did not go unnoticed and was a success among the residents of the city.

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