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You will need
  • - The program Sony Vegas 10
Open the program and import the files to it, on which you want to make a movie. To do this, click the menu item File> Import> Media. You can find a list of formats that can operate editor Sony Vegas, by clicking the drop-down menu "File Type." As you can see, among them there are not only video formats (avi, wmv, avc, etc.), But also the format of graphic images (jpeg, bmp, gif ...), and audio formats (wma, mp3, ogg, etc.). If you select a particular one, in the above box window will only display the folders and files of this type. Select the files you want and click "Open."
All imported files will appear in the panel Project Media. Drag out some video on the so-called 'Timeline' - an area in the lower part of the program, which is framed by the upper part of the timeline. As you have noticed, in the timeline after you move the file there were two tracks (or maybe even more, if this video includes several audio tracks) of video and audio. Currently, they make up a whole, but they can be separated: right-click the track you want to "peel" and press the hotkey U. To reunite, hold Ctrl, select both the tracks and press G.
To make a digital movie, you will be hard to do without assembly and installation of the essence - it is cut into pieces of video and further manipulation of these pieces. Open the preview window by clicking the hot key Alt + 4, so it will be easier to hold the installation.
Click the left mouse button at the point of the track, which are going to make an incision. For a more accurate setting use the "Left" and "Right" on your keyboard. Press S, to make an incision. Now you have two pieces of video that can be manipulated in the same way as the whole video tracks: move, cut and so on. The same action you can do with graphics and audio files.
If you need to add titles to start, create a new (yet empty) video track: right-click in the free space of the Timeline, and from the menu select Insert video track. Now right-click in the space and the newly created track in the list, select Inset text media. A new window appears in which you can customize the size, font, position titles and other properties. When finished with the settings, close the window. Remember to track with subtitles visible, it should always be on top of other video tracks.
Using the description of the previous step instructions, try to create your own combination. To save the result, click the menu item File> Render as, type the path to save, in the "Files of Type" select the desired format and click "Save". A new window showing the rendering process. Upon its completion, press Open folder, to move to a folder and save to evaluate the result.
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