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Translated from the Greek word "eland" means "reed", the plant received this name because of some similarities with it in the structure of the stem. At Cannes, blue-green or purple leaves, large flowers and strong underground rhizome. Due to its massive plants look great along the ponds, fences, in the background or in the center of the flower beds, they are suitable for masking is not too aesthetic spaces in suburban areas.

Planting and Care

For planting Cannes choose warm and sunny place, protected from cold winds and drafts. Earth better use of nutrients and loose, but they can grow in any soil.

Cannes - moisture-loving plants, they require regular watering, especially during the period of growth and flowering. In late summer, watering should be reduced, and before digging - stop. To cannes better entrenched, it is recommended to remove the first buds. For a better development of the plant should be feeding every month, this is done using a mixture of fertilizers.

Before planting, dig the hole depth of about 50 cm, is placed on the bottom of a bed of horse manure thickness of 15-20 cm, it is poured a layer of earth. The depth of planting, the plants should be about 10-15 cm, this training will provide the early development of cannes and its abundant flowering.

Storage in winter

Canna blooms from June to early frost, this plant does not tolerate cold. When the going gets cold, the stems need to spud the ground to prevent freezing of the root collar. The stems are pruned to 10-15 cm, and the roots are dug out and dried in a well ventilated area, and then lay down with a lump of land in a dry cellar, where the temperature is maintained at + 4-6 ° C.

In March or early April will wear them in a warm place for germination kidney. One uterine plant is divided into 3-5 pieces, sprinkled with charcoal and treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, and then placed in boxes with sand and abundantly moistened. After about 10 days from the rhizomes grow roots and buds are formed.

At room conditions eland can be grown all year round, you just give them the conditions for a short period of winter dormancy. To do this, you must first reduce and then stop watering, cut stems up to 10-15 cm, and for two months to put the pots with rhizomes in a cool and dry place with a temperature of about 10 ° C. Then you can transfer them to a warm and sunny room, resuming watering.
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