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What is fiberglass?

Glass fiber made of different density and thickness of the glass filaments. Then treated with a special compound that provides wallpaper resistant form.

The benefits of fiberglass

The material is absolutely harmless. This is due to natural components included in the coating composition. Wallpapers are non-toxic, durable and long-lasting (lifetime - 30 years). Do not accumulate dust, repel water and soak. Their color can be changed to fifteen times through painting. Have reinforcing property, concealing minor defects walls, including potholes, cracks.

If you save on steklooboyami questionable material and purchase of low quality, the drawback is the marriage - wallpaper can crack at any impact on the roll.

Covering Design

Glass cloth wallpaper can be smooth or have a relief texture. The most common patterns are stripes and geometric elements. Some lines are manufactured with a design pattern. Perhaps the design pattern on the order.

How to glue fiberglass for painting

The technology works with glass cloth wallpaper does not differ from any other kinds of stickers wallpaper. The only thing to consider - the crumbling of the material, when you cut. It is advisable to protect the skin clothing to avoid irritation. The wall in front of the label desirable primed glue to choose for heavy wallpapers.

How to paint fiberglass

Paint Wallpaper is also not difficult. It is better to use a high-pile roller to paint over all the textural relief. The paint is applied in two coats, following a break of at least 12 hours.

Glass wall for painting is a practical and high-quality material. They can easily arrange both the kitchen and the nursery. This will not doubt their sustainability and durability. With proper selection and the wallpaper, they will serve you for years to come.

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