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After 50 years in the male hormone testosterone production declines, resulting in deterioration of the cardiovascular system, reduced libido, thyroid hormone synthesis, the weakening operation adrenal, pancreas. Changing the character: a man often becomes irritable, nervous, hypochondriac, despotic.

However, the body can help softening testosterone deficiency consumption of plants containing phytosterols (similar to male hormones). Desirably, the diet was soy sprouts, soybean oil, sesame, cedar leaf oil, wheat germ, nuts, pumpkin seeds. Phytosterols also reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol.

Hormonal disorders in teenage boys - a normal physiological process and does not require intervention. The hormones that the body begins to produce, leading to mood swings. From restlessness, aggressiveness, depression. Smooth all the problems of this preiod can be due to a good psychological climate in the family.

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