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At Russia's WTO accession are many pros and citizens are well aware of them. Membership in the organization will add a wealth of confidence by foreign investors, as it ensures that the country complies with international trade rules. In Russia, will come overseas employers who have long wanted to create a production capacity in the country.

Multinational companies usually pay a lot more than the Russian employers. They strictly observe the rules of the TC and monitor production safety. To retain qualified employees, Russian companies will also have to increase wages.

The main advantage for the Russians to join the WTO - the reduction of duties on imports of fees is, of course, will lead to lower prices for the necessary products imported from abroad. In medicine duties will be reduced by 5-15% on the computers in 3 years the margin will be removed completely.

Thus, in Russia, a competition between foreign and domestic producers, as prices will be approximately equal. Previously, consumers often choose Russian products due to their lower cost. If domestic companies want to remain on the market, they will have to thoroughly tighten the quality and presentation of their products without increasing the price.

Will accession to the WTO and a major Russian agricultural producers as seeds, machinery, fertilizer, purchased abroad will be cheaper because of lower fees. Also, rural enterprise industry will come to a new market, because in Russia there are companies willing to carry out the export of its products and compete with foreign firms.

Modern technological, scientific, construction, measuring and computer equipment will be cheaper overseas do domestic enterprises. Therefore, they will develop faster. Modernization and innovation will help Russian factories to improve their products. They will get new markets.

The most favorable prospects are opening up for the Russian petrochemical and metallurgical industries, as accession to the WTO to consolidate the country's strong position in world production.

Russia gets a fairly long period of transition to a new level of world trade. A number of branches will go to the eight years, to avoid shock and negative effects.

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