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In no case do not use force to offend with impunity weaker people. This is inexcusable, but rather, simply disgraceful. Do not use physical force as a decisive argument in the dispute - will demonstrate that you are your own limitations. Remember, civilized and self-respecting person is always convinced of the correctness arguments, evidence, not fists.
Try any misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts are resolved peacefully. Remember that in a state of irritation, and even more passion, people can easily lose control. And, given your great power, it is easy to imagine the consequences. When brewing quarrel, conflict between your friends or acquaintances, and try to play the role of peacemaker. As a rule, listen to this man.
However, this does not mean that you always have to show the wonders of patience. There are situations when it is necessary to resort to force. For example, every person has the right to legitimate self-defense if his life or health is threatened. Or, if your eyes hit the other person, you have every right to step in and protect him. Try to not only cross the line of self-defense, because in this case the law may not be on your side.
Wherever possible - at work or at home on the plot, - take over the hard work. Do not let your wife dragged severity or dig the ground, for example. Husband and relief muscles in this case will look very unattractive in the eyes of outsiders.
Do not brag force. Bragging anyone yet, and never graced. In addition, well said in one eastern proverb: "Do not say that strong - meet stronger."
In short, try to exercise their power wisely at the right time and right place. That's when you have rightfully earned a reputation not only physically strong but intelligent, reasonable man.
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