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So what are the rules you should know?

So if you are worried about their health, before visiting the solarium you need to consult a doctor, as a lot of contraindications, and it is likely that the solarium was in your list of "taboo". For those who have not visited a doctor, a short list of contraindications (basic):

- A lot of moles on the body;

- pregnancy;

- lactation;

- critical days;

- oncological diseases.

If you visit a solarium can be, you need to know that the first session should not exceed 3 minutes, so that the skin can burn, and be sure before each use sunscreen. But be careful - the usual cream will not work, buy a special visit to the solarium, and in order not to suffer, to do shopping directly into the cabin. Over time, the procedure will be increased to 5 minutes.

Be sure to wash off makeup before the procedure, and in general, it is advisable to swim all the way to your body no more soap, deodorant and perfume.

Lip balm grease on the chest should be granted special caps, hair cap, and the eye - glasses.

If you have the opportunity to give preference to the vertical solarium, it is evenly distributed tan and quite hygienic.

After the procedure, you need to rest, drink green tea or juice to moisten the skin with milk or moisturizer.

That's all the rules visit! Girls who have a tattoo, you should ask the experts, what protection they offer, and in general, is to go to the doctor and find out more if you can go to the solarium. Remember, beauty - it is certainly good, but still health is more important!

Be beautiful and healthy!

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