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Moods affect the fragile child's psyche negatively. Child psychologists even believe that the more often a child is naughty, the slower is its development. So capricious should as quickly as possible to call to order. That's just how to do it? Everything will depend on the vagaries of the causes, and it is important to correctly identify this cause.

Perhaps the child has something hurts, but because it is still very small, you can not understand what was bothering him, it just feels uncomfortable. About illness starts usually indicates a dramatic change in behavior, excessive activity or, conversely, passivity. Talk to your child, ask, does not hurt if he had a stomach or throat. Of course, any vagaries in this case unconditionally forgiven.

The child can use the whims and as a way of attracting attention. This happens when it ceases to feel your love when parents occupied important and urgent matters, once even talk to the kid.

Think about their behavior: maybe screaming and crying - the only way for the child to make his mom and dad finally noticed.

Do not forget that sometimes children hysterics to compel parents to fulfill any of their desires. If you had once acted this way, the child will definitely use it again, gradually turning into a little despot. In this case, you should immediately stop any attempt to dictate not pay attention to the baby, go about their business without even looking in his direction. When a child feels that the vagaries do not bring the desired result, he calm down. Wait to capricious completely calmed down, and calmly explain that such behavior, he will not achieve anything.

But there are times when the whims - a way to protest against the excessive care. Most often this method to prove their right to their own opinion resorting children whose parents adhere to strict principles of education too, require the child's unconditional submission. Think you do not abuse their power, you are not trying to turn your child into a spineless creature that can only follow orders. And if this is so - immediately change their behavior, yet all can be corrected.

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