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Get ready computer case. If it is already mounted Dive Computers, unplug it if necessary, and then disassemble. All parts of the machine until the fixing save.
Remove the plastic casing from the front panel. Also remove the top and a metal plate. Leave one unpainted metal frame.
Disassemble the front panel. Remove it with the buttons, LEDs, speaker. Typically, they are simply glued and peel them is easy. But pushers buttons in the new building will have to make new ones. Wires from all of these elements are not sealed off.
Cut the new front cover sheet of any material. Holes actuators make it exactly the same as in the original. This applies both to their locations and sizes.
At the bottom of the new panel arbitrarily arrange the buttons, LEDs and speaker. The only requirement is that they do not touch the metal frame.
A new panel to the frame fasten screws with nuts and washers. It is not necessary to hide them - can, on the contrary, make it eye-catching design elements. If you wish to move the panel from the body of a centimeter, putting all the screws pipe of appropriate length.
Made of any sheet material top cover. Secure it in the same way.
Similarly, fabricate and new side covers. But otherwise secure them: self-tapping screws. They are screwed into the grooves, which slides on the old side panels. However, such a cover shoot more difficult than usual: we'll have to turn out as many as eight screws. Yes, and a few slots are deformed, which could eliminate the possibility of alteration of the body back to using the old covers.
Collect your computer up to date housing in the usual manner (including, of the details used to disassemble). Make sure it is working.
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