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Green - hence, untreated

Indeed, green coffee - not outlandish variety of regular coffee. These are the beans that have not undergone heat treatment and keep your natural color as well as several original properties. The taste of the drink made from such materials, rather specific: tart, astringent, they say, "an amateur." It is possible, few people would have dared to do as part of their green coffee potoyanno diet, if not a large-scale advertising campaign. She says that the green coffee is an excellent tool for weight loss and improve efficiency.

Almost as black. Only the best

Indeed, green coffee is extremely rich in nutrients and trace elements. As well as its black "brother", it contains large amounts of caffeine, characterized by a remarkable tonic effect. In addition, a drink made from the raw grains improves the brain activity of man, his memory and prevents the deposition of fat reserves.

We must not forget tannin tannin, which is part of the green beans. His task - to reduce the bacterial load on the body, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, as well as to stabilize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Another important "element" of green coffee - theophylline. He has a positive effect on the blood, stimulates the heart and minimizes the risk of blood clots.

Incidentally, in the green coffee composition of antioxidants is present, which is destroyed at a temperature of 200C, and hence is completely absent in the black beverage. This is a unique chlorogenic acid - a real salvation for diabetics and people suffering from obesity and metabolic disorders.

In addition, the benefits of green coffee due to a balanced range of other ingredients: amino acids, fiber, purine alkaloids and essential oils. Together, they provide an excellent fat-burning and anti-cellulite effect, and, according to some reports, may be the prevention of cancer.

Beware of caffeine!

Green coffee is a potent drinks that should be consumed with caution. His excess in the human diet causes insomnia, irritability, mood swings. In addition, it can lead to violations of the processes of digestion, including diarrhea.

This product is strictly prohibited to use for children, expectant mothers and women during lactation. Among the contraindications appear as glaucoma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and individual sensitivity to caffeine.

Thus, the benefits and harms of green coffee go hand in hand. And the main thing here - do not overdo it with the consumption of this fashionable beverage. And even better - before it is consumed consult your doctor.

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