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You will need
  • A good selection of children's books.
Deselect all frightening, violent tales and stories with a sad ending. The child either did not allow himself to accept this story (think "Do not bang, bang is not!" Victor Dragoon) or every horror story will become a little stale, not allowing themselves to empathize with other people's misfortune. It is very likely, and that reading these stories, especially at night, can affect the psyche of the child as a whole and lead to the emergence of resistant childhood fears and poor quality of sleep. Carefully watch the reaction of the child's reading fairy tales with scary characters. Perhaps some places, and images should be skipped.
WHAT tales read at night baby
Avoid reading books at night with an intense storyline works Pestryaev jokes and funny situations, poems, rich sonorous sounds. All this may lead to excitation of the child and the failure to fall asleep. And instead of the planned thirty or forty minutes, you can spend a few hours to read, and the information the child will still be perceived badly. From reading these works in any case should not refuse, but familiarity with them is transferred for a period of wakefulness.
WHAT tales read at night baby
Make sure the child is not bored. He certainly will not be too excited and fall asleep faster, but the next time he may refuse to read and even lose interest as such. The tale must be understandable and interesting, and it should be read expressively.
WHAT tales read at night baby
Do not miss the opportunity to raise specific traits in a child using a technique known as "skazkoterapiya." Its meaning is to write a fairy tale, the protagonist of which will have traits similar to your child will be to solve problems similar to those facing your baby. And to do this would be, showing the dates of your traits: courage, compassion, resourcefulness, kindness, patience, leadership qualities. This technique helps many moms and dads to solve pressing problems, whether it is fear of the garden, parental divorce, conflicts with peers, scattering toys or mistreatment of our smaller brethren. Such tales could not be better suited for bedtime reading, the child had the opportunity to feel the maximum hero and draw the necessary conclusions by himself.
WHAT tales read at night baby
Try to discuss the child's experience of reading the next morning, gently express your point of view without imposing it. These conversations help you better understand your child and help to accustom him to the analysis. Aid in the conversation can ask your favorite toy with them a child more willing to share the secret.
WHAT tales read at night baby
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