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Traditional products and dishes of Russian and Georgian cuisine

The Russian cuisine has always been used in a variety of food crops. This is due to the fact that the country has long been successfully grow such crops. Hence it is obligatory for Russian table bread and a variety of cereals, which had been a traditional food in peasant families. In Georgia, cereal is not so common, but as bread usually served cakes made from wheat or corn flour.

In Russia, has long been put on the table a variety of pickles - pickled apples, plums and cabbage, pickled mushrooms, pickled garlic and onions. Later steel pickling cucumbers and tomatoes. Rarely any meal without them. This is due not only to the custom of fasting, but also to the fact that poor people always have stocked for the winter vegetables and fruits to survive the cold weather.

Meanwhile, the traditional Russian cuisine sauces were not used - they were all taken from the same European and Georgian cuisine. While in Georgia, without it is unthinkable, no meal, and cooking sauce is a real art. For the sauce in the country is required to use tomatoes, garlic and many different herbs and spices. The result is unsharp, but very spicy and thick dressing.

Meat dishes are common in Russian and in Georgian cuisine. True, Russia has long prepared meat often large single piece, and pigs and poultry, and all baked in the oven in its entirety. In Georgia, it usually cut into pieces, roasted on the fire or tormented in a pan with vegetables and spices. This bird could be seen more often on the Russian table, and lamb - in Georgian.

Great importance is given to Russian cuisine and fish - it has long been used in cooked, smoked, salted and baked form. This is due again to the post and the greater availability of this product for the common man. But in Georgia, fish dishes are much less common.

As for fruits and vegetables, they are quite common in both kitchens. Although early in their fresh form more consumed in Georgia and in Russia they salted, steamed and stewed. Well, the Greens still widespread in Georgia, especially a variety of aromatic herbs, such as cilantro or Regan. Without them, there can not imagine any one table.

Both in Russia and Georgia common first courses. Only in Russian cuisine are more liquid and not as spicy as in Georgia. In addition, many in Russia were prepared with the addition of salt and pickled products - hence the soup, pickle and botvinya.

And in Russia, has long been common pies with meat, fish and mushroom filling, fruit and berries, as well as pancakes. While in Georgia, more than baked tortillas with cheese stuffing, hence the famous khachapuri. Most can be found in the Georgian sweets table nuts or puff pastry.

Dairy products are also popular in both countries. However, in Russia they use more milk, sour cream and cottage cheese, and in Georgia - cheese and milk drinks.

Traditional drinks Russian and Georgian cuisine

As for drinks, the Russian cuisine has long been common kvass, jelly and tea as well as drinks based on honey. Well, later it became popular vodka and moonshine. In Georgia, the tea drink rarely, preferring juices or wine - traditional alcoholic beverage of the country, and in hot weather like appease thirst and milk drinks.
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