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If you're going to do serious diving and conquer greater depths - up to 30-40 meters, you have to raise a sense of responsibility and elbow. Since the basic safety rules require that slopes into the water is not carried out alone. Your partner is responsible for you, and you - for him. And keep in mind that at such depth you can dive only with a certificate Deep Diver.
Many professional athletes divers on the ground by a special yoga practices aimed at the development of airway skills. Learn to at least the most basic breathing exercises or obtain the necessary knowledge about it from a professional instructor. This will allow you to plan your dive mode and behave at depth without panic, recognizing abnormal situations and prudently avoiding them.
Particular attention is to take a dive to his physical condition, before it is strictly contraindicated the use of certain drugs, alcohol, smoking. And you have nothing to do at a depth if you have a cold and you have a stuffy nose. You must be issued a medical certificate confirming your good physical shape.
During deep-dive control all its parameters: time, depth, the remaining air supply. Your equipment should be checked prior to the dive and fully serviceable. His partner always keep in sight. Learn exchange system marks immersion, which replaces the usual speech. Use the gear and wet suits in bright colors, clearly visible in the water column. Issued a notice in the water yellow and red on the depth becomes almost black and is lost.
In order to avoid decompression sickness ascent from a depth must be slow - no faster than air bubbles. Properly plan the depth of immersion and the time spent on it, for the use of special tables - Didactic dive or dive computer. Be sure to work out a safety stop - 3 minutes to 5 feet of water after each dive, air supply at the same time you must be at least 50 bar, and at the end of the dive and penetrate the surface - at least 30-40 bar.
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