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In recent years, when we are talking about linoleum, we mean flooring, which is made on the basis of PVC and dyes. Linoleum is a cheap substitute for parquet and laminate, and ease of installation compensates for all the shortcomings of its synthetic origin. Before the word "linoleum" refers to a completely different material, but the time mercilessly stir terminology. Many familiar linoleum PVC appeared about half a century ago, he was ousted from the market a natural material. But the last decade has brought a sharp rise in interest in environmental materials, allowing natural linoleum has experienced a rebirth.

Features linoleum

What is linoleum? He has not changed much in its history. This substrate is made of jute and linseed oil as a base. To this is added wood flour, cork and resin. For painting used only natural dyes. Excellent combination of components enables the implementation of many design ideas.

Such linoleum does not fade, is not affected by burns and chemical influences. It naturally repels dust, which is why it is easy to clean. Over time, natural linoleum becomes firmer and does not disintegrate as a synthetic. In general, easy to understand, that this is much better artificial linoleum both in terms of aesthetics and practical side. This cover is perfect for both public and domestic premises. It is great to be to fulfill its role in the kitchen or hallway. The only negative - a natural linoleum does not like moisture, so that in the bathroom it is better not to post.

Features of purchase and installation

Before starting the installation of linoleum, it is necessary to carry out acclimatization. For this purpose the rolls leave the room for at least twenty-four hours. Paul, which will lay linoleum, must be dry, firm, smooth and clean as possible. It is important to remember that due to the nature of glue for linoleum, the floor must absorb moisture. After a day in the room linoleum unfolds, and with a sharp knife carefully cut the necessary pieces. After that comes the most responsible activity - sticky.

Glue should be applied evenly as possible, it is desirable to do this special spatula. Remember the so-called "drying time". Linoleum and base absorb moisture, so it is necessary to carry out gluing quickly, but carefully. After laying on the surface is necessary to conduct a special roller or a homemade tool, for example, a board lined with carpet. This will help to release without damaging the surface of the air under the linoleum. This should be done immediately after gluing, after curing adhesive air will not be removed.
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