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You will need
  • -Pearl necklace
  • -satin ribbon
  • -zastezhki for brooches (2 pieces)
  • -Large rhinestones (4 pieces)
  • -businki
To start a pearl necklace add up twice and twisting. Glued to each end of the necklace satin tape.
How to revive a boring top
Next, we determine the mirror, how long will our decoration. In accordance with the fasteners and attach the other end to seal with satin ribbon.
How to revive a boring top
Now you can decorate a large belt with rhinestones. Around attach rhinestones beads. Done!
How to revive a boring top
The board also can be revived by such straps. Take shoulder pads sewn on their chains, attach riveting, sew along the edge of "lightning", divided into two parts. At the end of sew a frill of tulle. Done!
How to revive a boring top
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