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Built-in furniture is almost always made to order, as a little typical apartments or houses or premises where it will be installed furniture, individual size and design. A big plus built-in furniture that can be designed specifically for handy dressing room, cupboard in a niche, a custom kitchen or living room with an unusual cinema area. Any item of furniture will be built individually, according to your size and interior preferences. When you select a built-in furniture is necessary to start from the basic factors.
Glvnoe - functionality. Making furniture custom size and styles, you can be confident that you will be sure to use it convenient. It is better if this will help you a specialist, as there are certain standards of height and depth. Your personal preferences should also be taken into account, but it also happens that physically what you want, can not be translated into reality. Shelves, drawers, hooks and much more - everything you currently conceived, must fit into the model of furniture that you choose.
Often, built-in furniture, shall be the total focus of the interior. There is a lot of color and texture solutions. A wide range of material for the front of your built-in furniture. The main thing that in the end it is harmonious, competent and relevant combined. Use the services of a designer, it will be easier to choose the base color, material and accessories. You can emphasize their individuality and flair in the future headset. And then sure you can be sure that no one else will not find a piece of furniture.
Since the built-in furniture - this is not mass production, then, as a rule, it is priced more expensive types. But all the same for you the price should be feasible. If you offer luxury options that can not afford, you should consider cheaper. This can be done, save on fixtures, fittings or the housing of the future furniture. With regard to the anchorages, that is a good brand of unknown brands, they are sometimes an order of magnitude cheaper than the known. You can lower the cost of future furniture by simple body, since, as a rule, it is not a major in the overall design, and often can not even see it, because it is placed in a niche.
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