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In order to keep the skin supple need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to use for cooking foods rich in vitamins A, E, C, B5. As much as possible eat fruit. An indispensable element for the conservation supple skin is contained in the eggs, garlic and cereals selenium. Do not exclude from your diet meat and fatty fish. They help to strengthen the skin.
Do not get carried away tan. The sun dries the skin, and it becomes vulnerable to aging faster. If you like sunbathing, do not forget to use special protective creams.
Good effect on the elasticity of the skin have a very popular essential oils. Use them in the shower, as well as massage your skin. Carry out the procedure on a daily basis and protects the skin from premature aging. At any usual moisturizer for you, add a few drops of rose oil. In order to take a bath with essential oils and plant some of his pre-drops in a glass of yogurt, cream, yogurt or milk. You can use a mixture of sea buckthorn oil and avocado. Take 10 drops them and mix with almond oil of 100 ml. Every day, apply the mixture on clean, towel-dried skin.
When taking a bath, use table salt, preferably coarse. Half a kilogram dissolve in a filled bathtub. The water temperature should not exceed 39 degrees. Take a bath for a quarter of an hour. Then necessarily Rinse under cool shower. Salt increases blood circulation and nourishes the skin tissues with oxygen. This gives it a tender. A cool shower will help narrow the pores, and thus strengthens your skin.
As often as possible in problem areas using compresses. To do this, heat the small amount of olive oil and rub lightly in the area of skin where the aging process is most evident. Wrap this place a warm towel quietly lie down for half an hour and wash off the oil under a warm shower.
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