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You will need
  • Look carefully at your child.
Leadership qualities begin to show immediately how the baby got in his first team. Namely, in kindergarten. Such a child tend to command everything and everyone. Distributes toys, decides who will play with him.
When a child goes to school, he begins to do poorly in school, he has no diligence. He wants to be informed about all school affairs, Minister of class and try to manage it.
If all of the above qualities you find in your child, talk to the class teacher and try together to figure out how to direct this energy to a peaceful course.
Be patient, at home talk with your child as an adult. He should feel not only your care, love, attention, affection, and respect.
If you are also a leader by nature, the main thing is not to compete with the child. Leave him space, let their problems trying to solve on their own.
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