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Inspect the selected piece of meat on all sides. First, look at the color. Remember, it was the older the animal, the darker his meat. Bright red meat with white fat can be frosted animal 2-5 years. Such meat requires more prolonged treatment and sometimes gets hard.
If the animal was from one to two years, its meat has all shades from pale red to dark pink. The fat from the meat of the white, shiny. If you see the meat of all shades of pink, with white glossy with fat - the meat of a young animal at the age of one year.
Note the firmness of meat. If the pressure-sensitive pit disappears very quickly, almost instantly - fresh meats. Pit remaining on the meat says that the meat is not fresh or defrosted.
Look at the film, available on the selected piece. For fresh meat of good quality must be clear and transparent. Cut from such meat is not dried up and wet and glossy. Juice flowing from fresh meat, red and transparent.
About freshness frozen meat says matte and very bright surface of the piece. In place of a finger, a few seconds applied to the meat is bright red sled.Suhozhiliya must not be colored red.
Look closely purchased by the carcass of the bird. It should not be dried up, blue. The sharp smell of a stranger talking about spoiled food. Prefer a bird that has a glossy, elastic, slightly moist flesh.
If you have any doubt about the freshness of meat from the purchase should be abandoned.
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